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The Drover Shop

The Drover Shop supplies rideshare drivers with everything from essential Drover Rideshare gear to specially designed accessories to outfit any vehicle. 

Welcome Drovers! Here, you can find all required Drover shirts and car safety accessories (like hands-free phone mounts). Additionally, we believe that drivers for other rideshare companies -- and just about anyone -- can find something useful here. Welcome to the Drover Shop. 


Magnetic Phone Mounts

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Who We Are

Drover Rideshare

Drover is an exciting rideshare startup based in Middle Tennessee, moving the world one "Drove" at a time!

As a company, we define ourselves by our unique care for and attention to the environment, coupled with our focus on the safety and happiness of our drivers and riders.

Our dedication to these fronts is unparalleled in the current rideshare industry. Our ultimate goal is to make the rideshare industry more people-centric, and focused on providing a lifting experience to real human beings -- one Drove at a time! 

{Learn More on the Drover Rideshare Vision Page}

Custom Drover Apparel

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Magnetic Phone Mounts

The Drover Shop is proud to supply hands-free magnetic phone mounts for your vehicle. We currently stock three unique designs, all available at affordable prices. 

Drover phone mounts are a convenient and safe way to mount your phone to your car for hands-free use while driving. Moreover, our attractive and lightweight designs, coupled with our reasonable prices, make Drover phone mounts a must-have safety accessory for your vehicle.